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There are very few jobs in this world that commands admiration from everyone in this world. Architecture is one of them. It is a subject that simply deals with construction of buildings and various other structures. Hotfrog is a prominent company in New Zealand which helps various small business companies in promoting their business in this particular country. Architecture is one of them. As we all know it very clearly that any business can stand on its feet only when it is promoted and marketed very well. Without promotion, any business cannot help itself in making any money to run properly or to grow. So the promoter or entrepreneur of the company must work on strategies that capable of attracting masses with their promotional tactics. A business company that deals in architecture should promote their company’s services in such a way with its various promotional ads will tell the clients and customers about the various benefits they will get by approaching the company for getting its services. So we will discuss about these promotional techniques in details, but before that we must learn something about the subject we are dealing with.


It is normally means to explain building and other material structures. It is also a subject of art & science that deals with creating and designing these structures. Architectureis mainly a subject that deals with planning, designing and construction of buildings and various other structures that resembles or reflects cultures and societies of different countries of the world.

Now when we are talking about the promotion of architecture business in New Zealand, then we must know how the architecture of New Zealand describes itself:

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