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But because of the complicated nature of Chinese writing it's extremely simple to get a permanent embarrassment caught under the skin unless you have a few simple measures. Therefore to help you avoid these Chinese tattoo problems, listed below are the top five problems to look out for;

1) Mistranslation

Chinese writing is very complicated an...

Asian tattoos offering real characters and symbols could form the cornerstone of beautiful models which hold a deep and personal meaning.

But due to the complex character of Chinese writing it is extremely simple to end up getting a permanent embarrassment stuck under your skin until you have a few simple measures. Therefore to help you prevent these Chinese tattoo problems, here are the top-five mistakes to appear out for;

1) Mistranslation

Chinese writing provides many subtle meanings and is quite complicated. It is excessively easy-to get something unexpected written around your skin. Listed here are two classic example of those 'misunderstandings' that I have heard about recently;

a) A woman wanted a Chinese writing tattoo, but she knew about the problems of mistranslation. Discover additional resources about needs by browsing our ideal site. Therefore she went into a nearby Chinese restaurant and asked one of the waiters to write out the Chinese characters for the word 'free.' He duly obliged and she got the style to your tattoo artist who presented her with the tattoo of her dreams.

Regrettably, h-e didn't understand what the look meant and the term 'free' has two meanings in English. It can mean freedom, which was this is the woman wanted, or it can mean totally free. Discover more on our affiliated article by clicking check this out.

And you can guess which version the server translated into Chinese symbols!

Therefore she ended up with the language 'totally free' tattooed o-n her skin. And when she discovered the mistake it cost almost $1,000 to her to get the tattoo removed.

A costly uncertainty!

b) A women having a Chinese tattoo was under the impression the representations said 'love birds.' Wrong! Due to a mistranslation it meant one of three items, that she loves birds, that she's a bird lover, or that she loves the male reproductive organ.

A somewhat extreme example, however it s