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conveyor belt hot jointing machine

Within 2017, Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Limited. combined with China Huanqiu Getting & Engineering Company., Limited. to supply almost all conveyor seat belt hot jointing machines for your umm wu’al phosphate job in Saudi Arabia, as well as provided two times on-site solutions according in order to client’s requirements.

conveyor belt hot jointing machine

Regarding umm wu’al phosphate venture:

Ma’aden and JV spouses Variety and SABIC tend to be creating a new phosphate flower in Wa’ad Al Shamal Industrial City. Other nutrient and secondary production industrial sectors will be added in later on dates. Once finished, the particular Umm Wu’al undertaking may have a Capacity associated with 3 mil MTPA regarding DAP/MAP and also NPK fertilizers.

umm-wual-phosphate-project umm-wual-phosphate

As the bid winner of the task, China Huanqiu positively looks for for the conveyor seatbelt hot splicing machine industrial facilities in China according to be able to the stringent requirements involving the end clients. MA’ADEN’s stringent requirements with regard to providers and conveyor seat belt very hot splicing equipment consist of however are not limited for you to the next: