hi im biker/ken

im a severely mentally ill russian trans guy (he/him only) and i love to die🌧pls dm to follow🌧

⚰i am part of a system and is fictionkin, i do not claim to be the race or know the cultural issues the following characters have had to go through⚰

do not follow or even associate yourself with me these characters are literally me in every form:- kenma kozume (haikyuu!!)- biker (hotline miami)- squigly (skull girls)

do not follow/primary:- shinji ikari (neon genesis evangelion)- umi sonoda (love live! school idol festival)- hello kitty (sanrio)———my qpp forever is noel (@aikotanaka)❣❣❣❣❣im dating my lovely gf brooklyn (@monokumas) for over a year now❣❣❣❣❣