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Your day you raise a loan might be to fulfill a wish or even a dream. Maybe the dream of

a home, new furniture, a new bike or a trip you have long wanted.

You are able to meet your wishes and dreams with a loan in Hotlan A/S while ensuring your finances

Don't charge significantly more than necessary if something happens to you.

The Insurance Insurance can take over the payment of one's loan services to Basisbank A/S in the event of accident.

Payment for the insurance will soon be charged at the same time frame because the monthly allowance on your loan. The insurance premium make up 6% of the monthly allowance.


The outstanding debt on the loan is redeemed immediately (however, max. 480,000 DKK) at:

• Death

• Durable total incapacity for work as a result of accident or acute illness

The monthly payment is secured for up to 12 months by up to DKK 40,000 per person. month by:

• Temporary total incapacity for work because of an accident or acute illness

• involuntary unemployment

• If you are self-employed, the insurance also covers hospitalization

When paying out, there are a number of conditions that must definitely be met, as an example, to be between 18 and 65 years that.The insurance doesn't cover in situations where incapacity for work is really a consequence of diseases and disorders such as for instance has occurred prior to the insurance is signed, that the insurance has been around force for a specific period of time,or that you've a specific self-esteem before payment may take place, etc.

The precise scope of coverage and terms and conditions are described in the insurance terms.