Tony Del Rey

Florida, United States

Pleasure to have your visiting my page, so what do you want?

Really, Why me? lol What is it about me that you really want to know and that makes you think that this page will even give you a glimpse of me but for your own imagination filling the blanks to the great mystery of who I really am and what I am like?

The only way I beleive anyone ever really get's to know someone is when they come face to face even for a split second, it's all in the look, the glance, the breath taking moment when you first meet with the eyes...

I found this interesting and wonder if anyone out there will answer to me how many people would actually do this...

"If you have traveled in the trains without a ticket, it's easy just to go to God and say, "I'm sorry, I've cheated the railways." But the costly way - the way you prove that you have really repented - is by going to the railway counter, buying a ticket for that journey and tearing up that ticket. Otherwise your repentance is just empty words."- sermon

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