Juan J. Ramirez

Small Business Owner in El Paso, Texas

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I invented and patented the ONLY ceramic plates in the world that keep food from getting cold (They have many applications).

I am an Industrial Engineer (survivor of a stroke and a brain tumor) I have a major in electricity and experience in many fields in the manufacturing business. I thought I knew 4 languages: BUT I keep forgetting them since my memory was seriously affected.

I invented the ONLY ceramic plates in the world that keep food hot. This is a modest invention until you realize that the plates help the sick and the elderly, that they will be in every single home and when you learn about the benefits of eating slowly, Google: "eating slowly"; there is no space here.

The plates need only ONE single minute microwaving in a full size microwave oven (1200 Watt)

They stay hot for 30+ minutes (Yes, you read well, 1/2 hour)

They can be handled safely by the rim with the bare hands (The rim does not get hot)

Designed as "gourmet plates", they were almost immediately adopted by caregivers of the sick and the elderly (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's WLS, etc.).

Google "HotSmart Plates" and "Eating slowly" (You will learn very important facts).goal is to make HotSmarts affordable to people who need them ly. people who

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