Hotspurs Blogger

Season ticket holder for many many moons. No more opinionated than anybody else just brave or stupid enough to post my opinion online. I have also seen my fair share of lower division football and Chamions League football as well as plenty of games in the top European divisions. I hope to bring this experience to my blog for what it is worth, check out the P button below for my blog.

I am genuinely frustrated by the lack of tactical understanding or commentary from the press in the UK. Having spent time abroad and being an avid follower of European football I have detected a huge difference in tactical awareness. It could simply be that the tabloids look for headlines and not quality (read blog and you'll see what i mean) or that they do not feel they can take their readership with them. It's not just the tabloids though... Do you fall into the same boat?

Ambitious or ignorant, we'll see. I thought i'd give it a go!