Hot - Wheelz

21 years old.
973, NJ
Italian, Puerto Rican, Norwegian.
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"Shoot for the moon, and then you'll shine down on the universe. Get some recruits, and you can all pursue your lunar thirst." - © Hot-Wheelz

"My words are too damn sharp for you to ever turn your back to me." -
© Hot-Wheelz

"And the truth is I make love to many microphones. Me and my pen have spent so many nights alone." - © Hot-Wheelz

"But I remain part of the circle like I'm passin blunts. And I'm eternal, spittin journals out my blackened lungs." - © Hot-Wheelz

"And I'm not John Wilkes Booth, but in the booth I'm murderin. I always spit
the truth, while you all are only gurglin." - © Hot-Wheelz

"I know my mouth is loud, and you are never shuttin it. Unless you lay me
out, then tie me down and muzzle it. But I speak with fire, you might need an oven mitt. And yes, I'm well admired. Soon I will be young and rich." -
© Hot-Wheelz

"I want a lady who believes in all that Casper stuff, so when my casket shuts, I'm always gonna have her love." - © Hot-Wheelz

"Have you ever looked in mirrors and you battle glass? Have you ever been so lonely that your shadow laughs?" - © Hot-Wheelz

"This is Hip-Hop, brotha, not no brain surgery. Your sister, and your mother, and your babe heard of me." - © Hot-Wheelz

"You spittin nursery, while I spit poison mercury." - © Hot-Wheelz

"You don't believe in evil, but are truly after some. Put me and Satan on a roof, you'll see that bastard jump." - © Hot-Wheelz

"As I try to find fame, the future can get hard to see. Biggie be my veins,
Tupac be my arteries." - © Hot-Wheelz

"So much is on my shoulders, and so much to conquer. But I'll keep all my composure, like a first responder." - © Hot-Wheelz

"You know what it is. The mic's my bitch, and I'm a bastard. All I do is spit in it, and then she makes my babies after." - © Hot-Wheelz

"I'm fuckin learnin, like I don't believe in chastity. If you're a virgin to my wordin, see how fast ya bleed." - © Hot-Wheelz