Houda Kaffela

PhD candidate, Researcher , and Computer Scientist in Gouvernorat de Bizerte, Tunisie

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Houda Kaffela is a scientific researcher and business analyst. She received her Master’s degree in Software Engineering (majoring in Life-Critical Systems) from Higher Institute of Computer Science-Tunisia in 2013 and her Bachelor's degree in Business Computer Science in 2011 from Tunis-El Manar university. She is currently employed as a doctoral researcher at the RIADI Laboratory, National School of Computer Sciences-Tunisia in collaboration with CRI (Centre de Recherche en Informatique) atSorbonne University in Paris, France. Her research interests are focused on the fields of Data Mining, Process Mining, Intention Mining and Big Data. She is the author of several journal papers.

In particular, her expertise includes Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Process Engineering, Methods Engineering, Conceptualization and Development of Information Systems, Enterprise Information Systems and Business Intelligence.

Before joining the scientific research domain, she worked as a software developer on several technology platforms including Visual Studio, JavaScript, VB.NET for more than 5 years. She was responsible of the (i) specifaction writing and validation, (ii) design and conceptualization, (iii) and implementation of different web solutions.

She loves all phases of Software Engineering from the analysis phase to the testing phase. She stays very close to the envolving technology sector and offer project planning, requirements gathering, agile development, business process analysis and design, risk management, emerging technology and social media strategy through innovative and strategic thinking.

She works in the Tunisian civil society to support the Tunisian democratic transition. She observed the National Constituent Assembly elections in 2011 and the legislative and presidential elections in 2014. She is currently a member of the Tunisian watchdog organization "I Watch".

She has such a big passion and love for art and design specially music and painting/graphic design. She loves learning, reading (dozen of books per year) and blogging, likes to spent time with family and friends and enjoys outdoor activities like biking and camping.

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