hounan zhou

马尼拉, 菲律宾

>>>In December 2010, as a co-founder started a business(Established a group buy online services offering the best discounts, promos, give-aways and free stuffs from top restaurants, spa, travel destinations and movie tickets,booking flowers,etc)

>>>After graduating in June 2011,we continue to operate the business until it became the largest local group buy website.

>>>Until December 2012 the project disbanded (due to continued negative profit impact), we received 2 times financing(By cash).

Then I chose to go to Beijing and join a company producing and selling handmade brown sugar as a salesman position.

>>>After next four months, I become a Channel Sales Manager because of the excellent performance,and then became head of the online shopping department,Be responsible for all affairs like independent product lines research, packaging design, development,recruiting team members, training,performance management; participate in and manager the market sector's work like brand marketing,Pr marketing partially.

>>>In December 2015,Mining and recommended by headhunters,as a role "head of online shop department",I went to Unitop General Merchandise Inc in Philippine, Be responsible for building excellent team,Combining with the advantages of online and offline to provide supermarket-to-door service for customer,Increase online sales through social media marketing and other promotion methods

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    • Hunan Institute of Science and Technology