HoundBound Bath


Quality canine care. Home boarding and day care service. Bespoke dog walking tailored to your dogs personality. Guaranteed...Love, cuddles, treats and play. #houndbound

Dogs are a way of life for me. They have been apart of my family for as long as i can remember. Having grown up in a family of dog lovers it was only natural for me to be a bit dog mad.

My childhood memories are full of playing in the fields, making dens and walking our dogs in the countryside.This is where i am at one with the world and in complete bliss, with my wellies on and dogs at my side.

Our family dogs ranged from a German Shepard, to spaniels, to terriers and i am now a very proud owner of my 2 year old boxer Tonga. I would describe myself as the true definition of a crazy dog lady if i could have 10 more i would, which is why hound bound was created.

I have volunteered dog walking and fostered dogs for charities. Over the last year i have been working part time for a pet care company and have opened up my home to many different types of dogs.

I have a huge interest in holistic pet care and canine nutrition. I am passionate about raw feeding and have attend seminars on the subject. I have plans later this year to study for a diploma in holistic and canine nutrition as well as canine massage.

Having traveled the world and lived away i have found myself back in my home town pursuing my life long dream of working with dogs! I am at the beginning of my journey with hound bound and am extremely excited of whats to come .

I have plans to build great connections and relations within the dog community of bath , raise lots of money for my favorite dog charities and aim to provide Bath with a unique and personal canine care service.


30 minute £8

60 minute £12

Home visits:

£5 for 15 minutes

£8 for 30 minutes

Day care: £18 per dog (£2 extra per pick up or drop off)

Dog house boarding: (overnight in my home) £24 per dog £6 per extra dog from same household

Dog sitting:(in your home) £35 per day Evening dog/puppy sitting £10 per hour

Sausage Dog Club: £10 per sausage for walk including pick up and drop off

Humans and Hounds please get in touch if i can help you.