hello! my name's felix and i'm genderfluid (more masculine) and aro-ace (aromantic + asexual). i prefer he/him pronouns but they/them ones are fine too. i also live in northeastern illinois.

my personality —

i'm pretty dull + not that talkative and i'd consider myself a little more sad/stressed than the average person. i don't rlly make friends easily and tbh i don't get along well with other people in general.

i've had complications with trusting ppl in the past, so i apologize in advance if i never seem to warm up to you.

i get pissed off easily and i will not hesitate to take action if somebody aggravates me or my friends, but most of the time i can hold myself back (if it doesn't seem worth it).

kins —

i don't mind at all if you share any kins w/ me !! i'd actually love to chat with you if you do share kins with me !! :0

primary: houndour (pkmn), absol (pkmn) secondary: winter, ivypool (wc), servals, wolves

tertiary: space, nature, cats

please don't follow or request to follow me if you're homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist, sexist, anti-choice, anti-otherkin, etc.

do NOT talk about tornadoes or other related severe weather around me. i have survived 2 EF-5 tornadoes in the past 3 years and i either get panic attacks or get very angry when i have to talk about them.

i think that's about it

pls dm me a picture of a pine tree if you read all of this.