Writer and Artist in Illinois


Writer and Artist in Illinois

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felix | genderfluid | he/him | aro-ace

this is my about that you should read before following my vent instagram, so don't follow me if:

- you are homophobic or transphobic

- you support rape, incest, or pedophilia.

-you are racist, ableist, or anti-otherkin

-you don't know me, or if you're a stuck up asshole in general

i'm pretty fucked up and suicidal. i have family issues and anger issues as well, so i go to therapy every week. i suggest not speaking to me if I don't like you or if you've said bad things to my friends, because i can get uh really really angry over the smallest things.

also, don't purposely annoy me. irl, this has lead to me almost breaking my own finger in class due to the stress of trying not to yell.

i'm otherkin and i don't rlly like talking about my kins that much, but my mains are mapleshade and goosefeather from warrior cats and also houndour from pokemon. i dont mind if we share them lmao

don't talk about tornadoes around me, i've survived two and they're pretty fucking traumatizing

dm me a picture of a pine tree if u read this