my name is roxy or tj or whatever you wamt to call me and im 14 yrs old and im agender. i prefer he/him pronouns but on some days i may request she/her(notlikely). im an aquarius and an enfj!

im really into astrology and spiritual stuff!! i use tarot cards and read horoscopes every day as a guide, and for comfort. i like using new things to discover myself. i use this acc to really just interact with my friends more lol. kins: roxy lalonde and undyne.tag me as: blue diamond's pearl and geckos!

i have alters and i may or may not post about them every so often but i usually keep them to my vent. if u read this please DM me the word "marinara", ur name, and a mutual we share!! u dont have to do it if i requested you first. thank u