House of Curry

Named 'Best Restaurant Worth the Drive' by City Pages in 2015, House of Curry is an authentic Sri Lankan restaurant located just outside the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Rosemount, Minnesota. Our authentic Sri Lankan and Asian dishes will exceed your expectations, with help from spices including cardamom, saffron, fenugreek, ginger, nutmeg, clover, cumin seed and black pepper. The spices we shoes are selected for their authenticity, flavor and potential for medicinal enchantment. Cardamom may help to reduce toothache or queasiness and is said to clear the body's airways and aid digestion. Cloves are recommend for sore throats, saffron may help in cases of mild to moderate depression. Fenugreek is said to cure baldness, ginger is said to possess aphrodisiac properties and some studies have suggested that extracts of turmeric could be useful in fighting degenerative diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer's disease, while protecting cancer patients' skin from damage caused by radiotherapy. Enjoy the flavors and benefits of authentic Asian and Sri Lankan cuisine by visiting House of Curry, in Rosemount, MN. Learn more at