Joey Jones

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

If you are planning on designing a new home, extension, duplex or townhouse project in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast or within the South East Queensland Region then House & Home Builders Brisbane can assist you with your home design and planning needs.

The key to success is to closely monitor the house design stage to ensure it aligns with your budget. Here’s the simple fact: you cannot build a house that does not meet your budget.

Too often clients approach us with their dream home design looking for a Home Construction Builder to quote on the project. Once they explain what their budget is we are often astounded because without even needing to tender the project it is obvious they are not going to be able to afford to build the home from those plans.

And then there is the issue of council and building regulations…

These days there are many regulations and planning issues to work around. Gold Coast House & Home Builders will encourage you to engage a skilled Private Certifier early to access their knowledge and acquire relevant information about your parcel of land.

If you have ever had experience with Architects, Building Designers and other Professional Consultants you will know that this is not a cheap exercise. House Builders Brisbane’s service is structured in such a way that Professional Fees are fixed and you don’t pay for unnecessary design work.

The philosophy behind our design guideline is based on Efficiency and Transparency. Assuming that you own the land or site in question. They key is to be able to work with you to produce a sound concept that has enough detail to be effecively and realistically costed prior to moving further down the process.

If you are still deciding on land and attempting to gauge building costs then contact us as soon as possible to learn about the true costs of construction.

If you already have a set of house plans and would like a step by step process on how to arrange an estimate, and then a fully detailed cost plan that can be used as a basis for contract, then please feel free to contact us as well.

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