Andrew Black

Small Business Owner, Father, and Writer in London, United Kingdom

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Hi There i'm Andrew and welcome to my profile page. I have many hobbies such as cycling across Hampstead Heath and I particularly like watching movies in my spare time, many of the classic comedys such as National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Eddy Murphys Coming to America are along my sense of humour. I also spend my time commenting on the current state of the UK property market and I have been employed by Direct House Buyer to give my opinion on how people can sell their house fast particularly for difficult properties due to either their condition or location. I believe the property market is currently facing a downturn and the ability for people to sell their home easily may become harder so I hope my advice and tips can make a difference. Ultimately I would like to be recognised by some National News outlets and I would love to become a commentator on property issues on television. In fact some of my favorite TV Shows our Sarah Beenys how to double your house for half the money and Grand Designs, I particularly enjoy doing DIY and it's my ultimate dream to one day build my own House. A lot of my articles can be viewed by clicking on the link above.