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If you are in the market for a new ceiling fan, do not pass up an excellent choice; consider purchasing a new Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Hampton Bay is known throughout the industry for their quality of workmanship and their great, appealing ceiling fans.

An excellent example of a quality Hampton Bay ceiling fan in the 54 inch Windward II. This Hampton Bay ceiling fan is a little more expensive than other comparable fans, but, depending on your needs, it may be worth the extra expense. Unlike a lot of modern ceiling fans that seem too wacky and wild to actually buy, the Windward seems to be a nice amalgam of modern styling and practical application.

Its style accents without demanding too much attention. And as for practical, moneysaving considerations, the Windward was awarded the prestigious Energy Star rating for it florescent lighting system. So if you use the fan for overhead lighting, you will save a bit of money. In effect, the fan helps to pay for itself.

The Hampton Bay ceiling fan boasts five huge, efficient blades that help to circulate the air in your favorite room. They are about 54 inches from tip to tip, enough to move the air in the biggest room. The fan can be mounted flat to the ceiling or it can be hung on sloped ceilings, such as cathedral and vaulted ceilings. It comes in a variety of hanging lengths and is suitable for many different applications.

The Hampton Bay Windward II ceiling fan uses three different speeds (which are operable from the convenient remote control) and can run in normal and reverse modes, depending on the season and where you want the air to go. A built-in thermostat and a timer for on/off function further improve the energy saving ability of the Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

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