iGenie Services

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

When it comes to household chores, it’s a literally time consuming job. This is the reason, why many people do not look forward to doing the household chores. Nevertheless the good thing is, in the present scenario, you can outsource most of your chores, be it is cleaning or home repairs it’s easy to hire professional experts!

By the way are you still in the hassle to find a professional cleaning service one day and a handyman to repair the broken chair on another?

If so, no more worries because we as aiGenie has come up as a very unique platform to basically cater your any kind of home care need- from carpenter to electricians and even delivery boy.

One stop solution for friendly vetted household professionals

Isn’t it literally exhausting when it comes to search for an electrician, plumber and whatsoever the need is for the particular time? But making use of iGenie platform you can get the household things done right at your door step.

Help a family member, friend or any of your colleagues!

Krishna janmashtami is a very special occasion. Get a household and maintenance service to your loved ones. In less than 60 seconds book our skilled professionals and get the household things done as per your availability and convenient.

Hire our skilled household professionals and get the things done in a magical way

This is a complete unique way to get the household things done in a magical way, so for any kind of housekeeping services in Ahmedabad, keep into consideration that iGenie is your one stop solution. So now it’s easy, it’s completely convenient and most of all it’s perfectly done.