Kisha Carbins

Kisha Carbins

Like so many parents, I had unconsciously made the transition from superhuman to housemonster, simply by having kids.

It all seems "do-able"... You think with a little more effort and a lot more planning, you can handle the new addition. Besides, babies are so cute, and happy, and cute, and funny, and cute!

So, you go for it. Slowly but surely, things fall by the wayside. First, it's the house. It's messy. You can handle that. You tell yourself "It's not messy, it's 'lived in' ". Yeah, ok.

Next, you start to lose things. You tell yourself "The baby must have moved it". Yeah, ok.

Then it's your "personal grooming routine". Technology has made it so that you can effectively conduct business from home and without the demand for otherwise, you now LIVE in a t-shirt and sweatpants. Before you know it, it takes all the planets to be in perfect alignment for you to be able to pull together whatever it takes for you to get yourself to the point where you are fit to be seen in public. You didn't see it happening, but one day, you open a door and step out from the cave that your home has become. The light from outside is beautiful, but blinding. The breeze is fresh and gentle. That's when you notice.... The world has forgotten about you. Life has continued to "move on", despite the fact that you are stuck on Last Tuesday. You can't remember the last time you "got your cute on".

All of these facts can only add up to one thing.

You're a housemonster. This one's for you.

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    • B.A. - Communications, Eastern Illinois University, Minor: Business Ad