Umut Ahmet Tarakcı

Turkey, Istanbul

GENERAL • He is the co-founder and senior trainer of House Of Human Education & Coaching & Consulting Firm since 2011.
• He is the writer of the book “Mastering of Life: Happiness” and co-writer of the book “Professional Coaching”. Now preparing “Coaching Creates Self Efficacy”.
• He is the co-creator of “Professional Coaching” Course which is the first course accredited by ICF as Approved Coach Specific Traning Hours (ACSTH) from Turkey.
• His is the co-creator of “Expert Coaching” (Recognised by AC) Renaissance Model®, Body Language for coaches (CCE), Student Coaching (CCE).
• Mr. TARAKCI, has 20 years of business experience as Navy Officer (second/first commander for first ten years and project manager for last ten years).
• He was one of the leaders of Total Quality Management Project for eight years in Navy. During TQM project he gave leadership, change management, team building, communication and body language lessons.
• He is a coach member of AC (HOH0412CIOMm), ICF (ID: 9024215), ICF Turkey Chapter and KPD. He is the member of Personnel Management Association of Turkey.
• He has more than 700 hours of coaching experience and more than 1000 hours of education experience as teacher.
• PhD on Coaching (Management Branch) at Balıkesir University (on going) (His thesis is on self-efficacy and coaching)
• MBA at Balıkesir University (2005-2009)(His thesis is on conflict management and self-efficacy)
• Turkish Staff Officer on Management(2006-2007)
• NATO MW Staff Officer (2003-2004)
• Turkish Naval High School (1987-1991)
• Doctoral Program (Begin at 2010 - On going)
• Adler; Foundation Of Professional Coaching (32 Hours)
• Adler; Coaching in Business Environment (30 Hours)
• IZ Coaching; Education and Student Coaching CCE (21 Hours)
• House of Human; Using Metaphor in Coaching CCE (6 Hours)
• House of Human; Professional Coaching ACSTH (63 Hours)
• House of Human; Expert Coaching (63 Hours)
• House of Human; Body Language (6 hours)
• The Coaching Academy; (8 Hours)
Change Management and Change Management Trainer Course in NAVY
Total Quality Management Course in NAVY
Organizational Development Course in NAVY
Project Management Defense İndustry Technology Education Center
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