House of Prayer

Located in Hinesville, Georgia, just outside Fort Stewart Military Reservation, House of Prayer Christian Church serves both the larger community and its brethren in the U.S. Army. Founded by evangelical Christians who adhere to the 16 points of the House of Prayer Christian Church Doctrinal Statement, the Church carries out its mission under the tenets of reverence, humility, transparency, integrity, and power. The ministry of House of Prayer Christian Church presents the teachings of Jesus Christ with reverence and without adulteration. Members of the Church believe that serving God with humility leads to His power. Military personnel and their families from Fort Stewart attend prayer meetings at the Church, which are held every weekday at noon and 10 p.m. The Church schedules its weekend services at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., with a service in Spanish on Saturday evenings. Christian believers may attend Bible study at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays. Members of the Church make child care services available in the nursery during any service or Bible study session. Having recently sent three missionaries to Mumbai and Chennai, India, House of Prayer Christian Church plans to sponsor additional missionary activities in the future. With the hope of expanding its global missionary outreach, the Church runs a Bible Seminary on its premises, where men and women study Scripture and learn and discuss how to preach it effectively to others. The Church also plans to launch a homeless ministry, a prison ministry, and a hospital ministry, with radio broadcasts also in the works. To learn more about the Church’s mission and services, please call (912) 368-1553.