DJ Noyota

Miami, FL

DJ Noyota

Miami, FL

One thing in life that's constant is change; and change is one of the most resisted force known to man. I feel that my life has been designated to bringing forward change, because I have a strong desire, a passion if you will to "be" the alternative to what we as a society deem is entertainment.

"Propaganda works best when its victims believe its nothing more than entertainment"

And todays entertainment is nothing short of negative propaganda geared towards the uneducated and missinformed masses who're still sleep.

I pledge allegiance to bring forward, positive, enlightening, spirit-filled entertainment that changes the manner in which the masses sees life, the world, one another and ourselves.

This is the mission of House Of Virgo Entertainment, LLC! Entertainment with Excellence..........

The over all purpose and plan of this company is to show-case the true talent of people of color; venturing beyond the boundaries and limitations set for us by media moguls.

WE can't complain about the images we see of or ourselves unless we're willing to acknowledge the dysfunction that we continue to perpetuate, stop contributing too it and be the change we so desperately seek.

The definition of madness is to continue to do the same things; yet expecting different results. And as people, as a society, we have mastered this form of madness.

As Owner and CEO of House Of Virgo Entertainment, LLC, a company born in the House of Christ, I take personal charge to be that light in the valley that expels the sprits of racism, sexism, discrimination and intolerance that lurks amongst the shadows of fear mongering and separatist views. The time has come for a shift in the atmosphere! A shift in thought process. A shift views as well as socially constructed customs and traditions that birth forward ignorance. A shift in Religion vs. Spiritualality is much needed.

And it is time that we unplug from mindless media and plug into man-kind! Be bold enough to wake up........

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