Jamie Simpson

Houserockers DJ was born in 1994 after being a guest at many lack luster events. I started my career spinning at clubs around Clarion, Indiana, and Pittsburgh, PA. Within 2 years demand for my services grew to the point where I needed to bring in new talent. My first employees were my sister and my brother. By 2000, I had 11 djs, an office manager, 4 vans, a warehouse, and more equipment than I knew what to do with.

In 2004 we performed at 300 private events, 200 or so being wedding receptions. By 2006, and after a few years of 80 hour work weeks, I had to make a choice. Concentrate on my own events, or simply be the owner of a business and worry about everyone else's events. Doing both wasn't working for me or my family anymore.

I really love performing, so over the course of a few years of letting people go or them moving on I transformed my company. Since 2008, I have been a solo, full-time dj. I personally handle about 60 celebrations a year with about 40 being weddings.