Aziz Patel

Property Maestro in Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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Hello and thank you for visiting page. I am based in Yorkshire and assist property owners and landlords throughout England and Wales who need to sell their property fast.

I acquire land and buildings myself as an active investor and work with other investors who are interested in building a property portfolio and structuring joint ventures.I am excited and inspired to share my experience and resources to connect and network with like-minded people in addition to property buyers and investors.

The journey of acquiring property We Buy Houses began in 1997 and since, have helped thousands of people across the United Kingdom with selling their property quickly . I specialise in facilitating individuals who have challenges in selling their property or estate or who require a quick and guaranteed property sale, sometimes within a matter of weeks.

Having helped people sell quickly due to emigration, relocation, divorce, or to sell their property fast to avoid being repossessed. Over the years, having dealt with an array of different problems, ranging from non-mortgeable assets to fire damaged buildings in negative equity, have utilised experience to provide creative (out of the box) solutions for all sorts of property problems.

With having many years of experience in dealing with house repossession and have helped people avoid repossession and through the court and legal process; if you need someone to buy your house then please contact me as I'm sure I would be able to help. If you are an investor or property buyer and ready to complete then please contact me to discuss our partnership opportunities.

Best Wishes, Aziz