Amin S. Houshmand

English Teacher, Photographer, and author in Istanbul, Turkey

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Born on 1990, Iran. I have B.A. and M.A. in Applied Linguistics. I am playing video games since I was a child. I've started to play since late 1990s. I would like to script video games narratives, and I will some day.

I published a book in TEFL in 2017 in title of "Dogme Model in Iranian ELT". You can visit and buy on Amazon.

I am a Photographer and Graphic Designer too. I've been shooting photos since 2003 but some years later became a professional. You can see my full resume in Photography down below:

IranPhoto Global Festival / 2007
Rasekhoon Muharram Photo Festival / 2008
Persbook nternational Exhibition Tehran – London / 2010
Khayyam International Photo Festival (FIAP) / 2012
Tabriz “Ghab-e Khorshid” Photo Festival / 2012
Dubai EXPO – UAE / 2011
Turin EXPO – Italy / 2013
Milan EXPO – Italy / 2015
SONY International Photography Exhibition / 2012-2013
“My Graceful East is in Grief” Illustration Exhibition / 2014
SACI Forence Best Single Shot – Italy / 2014
Member of IYCS (Iranian Youth Cinema Society)
Director of Short Film “Match” / 2013

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