Houssem Eddine Touil

Consultant in Tunis, Tunisie

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I held several positions within business networks as an employee, consultant, active member and founding member, with a combined network of 30 million companies, spanning 20+ countries across 3 continents.

I helped lately Btwinz, a Paris-based venture builder set up shop in Tunisia and worked on expanding their operations here, sign a deal with a $500M incentives program for foreign companies, hire locally to grow faster. At the same time, I'm a very active in 'Tunisian Startups', the umbrella organization of the Tunisian startup ecosystem, where I lead the partnerships.

I wrote a series of articles which were put together in an e-book, Lean Chamber, which is the world's 1st guide for chambers of commerce to embrace technology by running lean. I am also the world's youngest President of Chamber of Commerce.

I started my pro career by 21 in rough times, during the post-revolutionary transition, when thousands of companies shut down because of it. I was at that time working for UTICA, the trade union and largest business network, which founded months later the National Dialogue Quartet that has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 for avoiding national conflict.

Private sector was stagnating, and failing to pivot to new markets as we are essentially an outsourcing economy relying 85% on Europe. Besides being taken in hostage twice, I learnt what it is like to work under pressure, multi-task, adapt and be ready for black swans.

I don't tweet much but feel free to follow : https://twitter.com/touilhoussem