Dolphins and You

Tour, Boat Charters in Honolulu, Hawaii

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We would like to offer you a little introduction of the things you will encounter during our dolphin tour. All our staff at Dolphins and You are fun people who have a passion for the sea. They will entertain you with their ukulele-playing and hula dancing, while also keeping you safe. They're all CPR, Lifesaver and FirstAid certified! Before leaving the dock, we all take part in the E' Hoi Mai Ceremony. The song is written in the 20th century by Edith Kanaole. The song is written with hopes that all things return to their original shape, and prayers for knowledge from the Heavens. We sing this song and present flowers in hopes of a safe journey and to meet dolphins swimming in the sea. Most of the dolphins you will encounter in this region are the slightly smaller; Spinner Dolphins. They get this name from the way they jump out of the water and spin in the air. They will allow you to swim close to them if you approach slowly and don't try to touch them. Follow your tour guides to see as much as possible! After swimming with the dolphins, we move to a location where lots of tropical fish and sea turtles gather. A lot of colorful fish will come to greet you. You enjoy the fish, and we will take amazing pictures for you! Enjoy swimming with some of Hawaii's friendliest sea creatures. Our tours go out twice a day, 7 days a week. JCB also an accepted payment method.


307 Lewers St #401

Honolulu, HI 96815


(808) 696-4414