hou zhendong

Student in 蒙彼利埃, 法国

I ardently believe that "everything is possible"and only when we make efforts and insist, we can achieve every goal we want. It also means that "successes belong to the hard-working people". I think every company needs these people like me.

I am effective at creating focused change putting my financial skills to work contributing to the goals of an organization. What's more, i am highly specialized in planning and allocation,the core strength of my business acumen is elevating standards of excellence within the organization.

Developing a friendly atmosphere among organizations or colleagues is really important for me,which is also my advantage.i am good at dealing with the relationships with our workmates and i am sure i can get along well with them.For example, i worked in a company for about 6 months before, and once my colleagues have any problems, i can try my best to help them whatever in the aspects of working or living, so that always appreciate me.

Now, we all know that the innovation is very popular and vital for companies. In my spare time, i always read many books about creative and design thinking, we can learn and think many different things,which will be useful for the development of the company.I integrate complicate planning solutions focused on strategic utilization of right staffs, effective processes and essential technology.

I sincerely enjoy developing staff to meet their highest potential,coordinating with senior management to ensure alignment with corporate objectives,and devising the planning processes necessary for sustainable business growth.

are you company need the persons like me to join? If you want ,don't hesitate to contact me.