Clayton Hovsepian

East Carolina University

I am from a small town called Davidson in North Carolina and am currently attending East Carolina University as an intended Biology major. I enjoy playing and watching sports, the TV show "The Walking Dead", preppy clothes, working out, and doing community service work.

College has been a big change for me. But for some reason I feel like it has been easier for me to adapt to the Greenville community because I am from a town of a similar setting. Davidson is a town in the Charlotte area about a 4 hour drive from Greenville.

All my life I've been a very social person. Some would call me an out-going, optimistic kind of person. I tend to talk a lot, sometimes too much, and I'm always open to talk to anyone. In high school I made lots of friends through social clubs and the sports I played such as football and golf. My personality has made it easier for me to make friends in a completely new environment with completely new people.

  • Education
    • East Carolina University