Howard Johnstone

Thanks for stopping by! I was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in various places around the state of Ohio. After a couple years of college without much direction, I joined the Navy and moved to Charleston, South Carolina. After 20 years in the Navy, almost exclusively here in Charleston, I "retired" and since then I have worked for several companies trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. During my Navy years, I fell in love with and married 2 remarkable, exciting women. Unfortunately, the months and years of separation combined with other factors caused the demise of both of those unions. I now call Charleston home and that's one thing I am sure of. Now I'm looking for the right pasttime and career and partner to complete me. I recently realized I might need to figure out myself before I'll be able to make these right choices. In the meantime, I am blessed with amazing friends and, for the most part, I'm enjoying the journey.