Howard McConnell

Hi my names Howard McConnell or to 90% of the world Howie, father of two amazing children, lover of social media and all things cool!

I have been using digital marketing in business for a number of years now and integrated the use of social platforms into business over 10 years ago, before Facebook was even born!

I found my love for the digital world after working in the entertainment industry where I worked as an event organiser, I have worked with artists such as Alicia Keys & David Guetta to name but a few while doing this, and also ran my own record label over the web. I now use the skills I’ve learned over the years and implement them in the business world.

Black Flamingo was launched in 2012 to help SME’s gain more awareness for their brands and look after the digital side of their business, as in these fast passed times working with a digital partner can free you up to look after the other parts of your business.

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