Howard Rollins

I am a blogger, media critic, and activist tyring to affect change by creating an entirely new media and positively affect the old media as well to exclusionary politcs insted of the politics of divison.

Jay has a superb piece on how Murray Waas is a much more important and useful journalist today than Bob Woodward. Rosen even goes so far as to dance around the claim that Woodward isn't really a journalist anymore, but an insider.

I don't hobnob with Bob Woodward or his ilk, and I mostly spend time with journalists and operatives with much less clout. Tha What Murray Waas does strikes me as structurally different; he pores through documents, learns everything there is to know. Waas is relentless, and he's focused on the big picture. Murray Waas is a neutral reporter. FDL and the Left Coaster aren't.