Howard Crosse

Leadership Coach, Network Marketing Professional, and Entrepreneur in Pewsey, United Kingdom

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I am currently engaged in building a team of IBOs with LifePharm Global Network in order to distribute a ground-breaking wellness product called Laminine.

I am also an experienced leadership & team development coach. I specialise in the art of effective communication, mature workplace relationships and people engagement. I focus on highlighting an individual's potential and then helping them to realise it.

Above all else I'm a fervent believer in the power of teamwork. The things that can be achieved by a team of likeminded people who are prepared to leave their egos at the door, roll their sleeves up and boldly step out into the world intent on making difference, are extraordinary.

No one should ever feel that they have to do it alone: there is a power in good TEAMWORK that transcends every obstacle life can throw at us.

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    • Pewsey, Wiltshire