Howard Davner

CEO in West Orange, NJ

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Howard Davner is an entrepreneur with twenty-five plus years of experience under his belt. Much of his experience stems from time on Wall Street, though he has since moved on to new career paths.

Currently, Howard Davner is pursuing new business ventures in West Orange, New Jersey. He is CEO of Beverage USA Holdings, Inc and Nerd Focus. Starting a beverage company is something that Davner has dreamed of doing for a long time, and as such, he is well prepared for doing so. Ultimately, Howard hopes to evolve the company into a national brand beverage company - something he will very likely succeed at.

Howard Davner graduated from the University of South Florida. There he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This helped him during his time on Wall Street, and he will continue to do so in any new business venture. Howard's first noteworthy job was at Goldman Sachs. He worked there for thirteen years (2000-2013), where he gained many responsibilities and insights. By the time Davner was ready to move on, he had become the Vice President of the company.

His experience within Wall Street is what gave Howard Davner the confidence to develop his own business. First, he created his own banking firm. This firm specializes in working with Small Caps and Micro-Cap companies. Following that successful venture, Howard Davner stepped into the role of CEO for a company known as Nerd Focus. Finally, Howard Davner created his own company, Beverage USA Holdings, Inc.

Part of the reason being Howard Davner's success is his willingness to step back and learn new skills. His entrepreneurial spirit is strong, which has helped him get far in life. It helps that he has always been a business-minded individual.

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