Howard Grimes

Chief Executive Officer in McCall, Idaho

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Howard Grimes is an accomplished and versatile professional having a number of expertise under his belt.

Howard Grimes (Idaho) did his honors for Indiana University back in 1979. In addition to it, he did his Masters in Plant Pathology from university of Massachusetts in 1982. He did his Ph. D in Botany (Biophysics) from North Carolina State University in 1985

Owing to his exceptional communication skills and public speaking abilities, Howard Grimes possesses the tendency to distil extremely complex technical and scientific information and convey it in persuasive and manageable ways.

Howard Grimes (Idaho) is presently serving as senior technical advisor for Navan-Tech, a Stanford spin out organization having unique, physical transfection technology along within credible prospective in the agricultural biotechnology world along with next generation cell and gene therapies.

Howard Grimes is credited for his incredible approach towards effective strategies and he has developed exceptional strategies for national and international projects.

Howard Grimes is credited for his innovative strategies and for his outstanding experience in higher education comprising of budget management, constructing and sustaining innovative academic programs.