Howard Hughes Frank

Security Specialist, Artist, Motivator, Writer, Businessman, Thinker.. Believer.

When I have time to spare, I make full use of it swimming, rowing, reading and cycling.

Skydiving gives perspective but it’s writing and poetry that feeds my passion for the creative... cooking, well... keeps me healthy and yuh, humble.

Earning a living.. I utlilise Cutting-edge Technology and Specialised Manpower, in order to Avoid and Eliminate Risk, for Private and Blue Chip Co's alike.

By Streamlining the introduction of lasting Relationships, I am also able to produce innovation based opportunities, for the 'Soon-to-be Blue Chip'.

Currently operating in Johannesburg, South Africa.. I have also achieved success in the UK; Europe; the Middle East and throughout Southern Africa... in both the Corporate and Media Spaces alike.

Believing in ensuring a return on any time, effort or asset entrusted to me... I am prepared to work for as many hours as necessary, in order to ensure that the job is done... and Optimum results are achieved.

And in between it all... LIVE!