Howard Kayman

Howard Kayman is a sales negotiator and property expert who works for the London based boutique estate agency Aston Chase. Having been involved in the buying and selling of residential property in the capital for nearly thirty years, he is not adverse to the high pressure, hectic environment that working in the industry can bring. Starting out as an estate agent in London in the 1980’s he rose to prominence in his industry during the property boom that occurred earlier that decade. Such was his expertise and industry know how at that time, he even managed to survive the property crash of the late 80’s, which is something that few other London estate agents can attest to today.

After working for Aston Chase for more than ten years, he is now considered to be one of the leading authorities on London property by many his industry peers and colleagues.

Life in the Fast Line

Howard Kayman's career and experience in the property market made him become one of London’s most successful and respected estate agents, away from the office, he is most passionate about charity fundraising and motorsport. In 2010, Howard got the opportunity to combine these two great passions, when he started raising funds for a charity that specialises in helping sick or injured soldiers. The Help for Heroes charity was delighted that Howard could help and no one was more pleased to be helping such a great cause than Howard himself.

At the end of August 2010, Howard Kayman completed a quite remarkable achievement, racing non-stop for 24hrs around a kart racing track. This fantastic feat of karting endurance saw him raise well over ten thousand pounds for the charity. This particular endurance race was unlike similar events in motorsport because instead of racing as part of a team, Howard completed this gruelling test alone. In 24hrs, he had travelled approximately 1054 miles, maintaining an average speed of just over 50mph.