Howard Klein

Howard Klein received his Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems from Concordia University in 2000, graduating with distinction. Before graduating, however, Mr. Klein had already begun advancing his technical career. In 1996, he received a job as a Technical Specialist for TotalNet, but the company later promoted him to Technical Operations. Mr. Klein’s experience in both of these positions provided him with valuable technical skills that he presently utilizes in his position at Optimal Payments Plc. Howard Klein joined Optimal Payments, which is located in Montreal, Canada, in 2000 as Director of Risk Management. Working his way up in this department, Mr. Klein is currently Executive Vice President of Risk Management. In this capacity, he manages merchant underwriting and the department of loss prevention. Along with maintaining these managerial positions, Mr. Klein writes informational publications that are accessible on Optimal Payments’ website, Such publications include “Crack Down on Identity Theft,” “Level up Your Payments,” “Your Guide to PCI Compliance,” and “Risky Business.” These publications aim to educate users about identity theft and online fraud. They also promote Optimal Payments’ NETELLER online payment accounts and its NETBANX payment processing service. As Executive Vice President of Risk Management, Howard Klein develops and incorporates breakthrough systems and tools into the NETBANX service. Not only are these products and services award winning, but they have also enabled Optimal Payments to expand its business to more than 180 countries worldwide. As such, Optimal Payments is a leading payments company that offers pioneering products and services to its wide range of customers.