Howard Koff

Tax attorney Howard M. Koff, J.D., LL.M., has served the citizens of New York State for 30 years. With more than 40 years of experience total in the field of tax law, Mr. Koff helps individuals and businesses settle back tax debts and legal issues associated with not filing, thus minimizing the risk of criminal and civil penalties. Howard Koff’s clients include nonfilers, people unable to pay their back taxes, and people whose have had levies placed on their accounts by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (NYDTF) and IRS treat the failure to file returns as a serious crime that can lead to imprisonment and heavy fines. However, if residents file and begin payments before they are threatened with criminal action, they can often avoid these penalties. Howard Koff delivers practical solutions that allow his clients to avoid prosecution and heavy financial burdens.

For residents who cannot afford to pay their back taxes, Howard Koff can assist in several ways. One strategy is an offer in compromise with the IRS, which allows an individual to pay back less than what she or he owes to settle a tax debt. Mr. Koff also negotiates installment payments for clients who can afford to pay their back taxes back slowly. If clients who have encountered financial difficulties, Howard Koff works with tax authorities to designate clients as Currently Not Collectable so that they do not have to begin payments for at least a year.

Howard M. Koff also works with clients whose wages have been garnished or whose accounts have been levied by the IRS. Highly experienced in this area, he can navigate complex laws and procedures to help clients regain control of their bank accounts. Mr. Koff also takes cases involving state and federal audits and criminal prosecution. He works diligently to ensure that New York residents receive fair treatment from the IRS and the NYDTF.