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Howard Lapensohn The accounting profession is and remains a prestigious profession. Howard Lapensohn The History of Accounting Seeing the course of seniors who have chosen this profession, many young people dream of a career in this field. The attributes of an accountant vary depending on the company in which it operates. In general, the primary role of the accountant is to keep the accounts of his company.

The function of accounting

The rights of the accounting

The obligations of accounting

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The function of accounting

Moreover, it is to this noble task that this profession is named. The book is often responsible for contacting customers of the company in case of default of payment thereof, it shall ensure the payment of bills as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is the book that will address the company's suppliers to get paid. Lapensohn Accounting Professionals, LLC It is also responsible for employee compensation, either in cash or by bank transfer. The role of the accountant is very sensitive to society.

The rights of the accounting

Like all employees of a company, the accountant rights that must be recognized and respected by his employers to offer the employee a proper work environment. First, he is entitled to a sufficiently motivating remuneration and commensurate with services rendered to the company.

This is very important because, being constantly in possession of company funds, the accounting might be tempted to use Hthe fund in case of financial disputes. The accountant must also have at its disposal all the material and documents necessary to carry out its delicate mission. Howard Lapensohn In the interest of the company, provide internships or training capacity building to the employee would be very wise.

To be free from worry, the accountant must have health insurance that also covers her family. Consult an attorney who specializes in labor l