Howard Mcpherson

Andy Murray and Marion Bartoli Snag the Wimbledon Titles for 2013 as Howard Mcpherson Looks On

Howard Mcpherson is an avid tennis fan and attends Wimbledon each and every year. This year, there is plenty to talk about when it comes to Wimbledon, as the British finally celebrate victory after long last. Andy Murray, after suffering a defeat to champion Roger Federer in 2012 in the final, came back this year with a need to take vengeance on this Grand Slam tournament, and he succeeded.

Murray is the first British Tennis player to win the Men’s singles since 1936 at Wimbledon. Some have come close, with Tim Henman teasing British audiences several years ago but always failing to reach the final. Murray hails from Scotland, and was not much more than a kid when he started, but he has managed to reach the semifinals three years in a row. Following his defeat to Roger Federer, he actually won against the champion for the Olympic goal. The irony: it occurred in the same location, on the same court, in the same grass, as the Wimbledon final at which Federer defeated him.

Tennis fans like Howard Mcpherson who follow each Grand Slam may feel like Murray’s victory was foretold. He did win the U.S. Open final against Djokovic, who he faced off against for the Wimbledon final to take the title. His victory is an important one, though it is worth noting that another British person has won a Wimbledon title since Fred Perry’s time back in 1936. Virginia Wade won the Women’s Singles at Wimbledon in 1977; enthusiasts like Howard Mcpherson know her name and story and understand its significance in the wake of Murray’s victory as well. Wade went on to coach following her Wimbledon win, and eventually became a tennis commentator. However, she will always be remembered as the only British woman to date to ever win titles at all four Grand Slam tournaments. As a commentator, she has worked with the BBC and for Eurosport, and is more than qualified considering her past credentials.

Following Murray’s victory, a number of other dramatic events at Wimbledon were revealed to fans like Howard Mcpherson, including the surprise victory of Marion Bartoli over German player Sabine Lisicki in the women’s singles.