Howard Michael Burnham Gowen

Therapist and Chef in Athens, Georgia

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen's life is filled with inventiveness in every facet. His positive and inventive attitude motivates him to seek out new answers, whether he is an artist, healer, or adventurer. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen likes creating new techniques for transforming interesting materials into works of art, composing clever poetry to accompany droll tunes, and concocting delectable new spins on culinary themes from other civilizations.

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is a powerful and brave athlete who has always liked pushing himself to his limits, whether on the Joshua Tree boulders, surfing in Santa Cruz, skydiving, or exploring the ultimate frontier, the mind, via meditation. While Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is a highly talented massage therapist, he goes above and above to deliver a relaxing massage by using professional techniques that considerably relieve tension while also allowing for enhanced mobility and performance.