Howard Nutt

Phoenix, AZ

A pioneer in proposal operations and process consulting, Howard Nutt has accumulated more than 30 years as a business development professional. Before taking his current position as Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Business Development Institute International (BD-Institute), he established the proposal operations function with the Aerospace Sector of what is now the Honeywell Corporation and introduced process consulting to Shipley Associates, a company he co-owned. As Senior Vice President of Consulting for Shipley Associates, Howard Nutt held responsibility for the implementation of all consulting and training initiatives provided to clients. Today, he helps companies leverage the BD-Institute's Capability Maturity Model® for Business Development (BD-CMM), the deployment of which he has overseen for nearly a decade. The nonprofit BD-Institute aids organizations in improving their business development results and promotes collaboration among communities pursuing similar goals. A certified trainer, Howard Nutt ensures the institute remains focused on its vision to elevate business development through certifications, outside appraisals and self-assessments, best practices, and benchmarking. Mr. Nutt’s experience includes aiding firms around the world as a consultant and process designer. A founding member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, Mr. Nutt also participates in numerous other organizations through the International Business Development Council, which includes six major professional societies. Combining his business acumen with a charitable nature, he supports several churches in addition to public television and radio, the American Cancer Society, Good News Productions International, the Phoenix Symphony, and other organizations. Howard Nutt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ministerial Science from Great Lakes Christian College and a Master's degree in English Language and Literature from Fort Hayd State University, as well as having pursued a Doctor of Arts in Rhetoric from the University of Michigan.

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