Howard Peters

Howard J. Peters, OD,

Born in Glasgow, UK, Howard J. Peters, OD was educated in Barnet, Hertfordshire and London, UK. He became involved in the optometric profession after being inspired by the interest of his late uncle, Mr. Sol Scriven, in optometry, and his uncle's pioneering work in the late 1940s in the first mass production of contact lenses to the general public in the United Kingdom. Howard Peters attended Northampton College London; where he studied Ophthalmic Optics and as a result received a license from the General Optical Council in London many years later became a fellow of The College of Optometrists in the UK, and on entering the USA became a Doctor of Optometry. As a result Dr. Peters became a licensed optometrist in Washington, DC.

After qualifying in Aug 1961, he opened his first practice in June 1964. Then 30years later after having sold his business, Dr. Peters chose to become more academic and apart from doing freelance locum work, he pioneered LASIK and refractive surgery in the United Kingdom and also taught those procedures in the United States. Dr. Peters obtained his United States green card as an outcome of his pioneering work in refractive surgery with Optimax Clinic in London, UK, and with Trevor Woodhams in Atlanta, GA. For the best part of his professional life, Dr. Peters ran three of his own optometric practices in and around London, UK. In his early professional days, he used to give talks on the "Psychology of Hypnotism" to groups for charity with a small demonstration, but he no longer performs the demos. Dr. Peters feels that one of his fondest memories as an optometrist was giving a registered blind diabetic woman the ability to see again; he was able to do this because he astutely listened to every word she said.

As a writer, Dr. Peters utilizes his ability to not only listen, but to see. Although he is profoundly witty and insightful, Dr. Peters would like to cure humankind of its worst disease, evil; he finds it strange that the word is the reverse anagram of the word “live.” In his first novel, 'Download,’ Dr. Peters wrote: “Religion is a gift from God. Cherish it. Do not abuse it and never fight over it.” When he is not writing, Dr. Peters enjoys participating in political activities, practicing calligraphy, snow skiing, swimming, engaging in computer graphics, golfing and gardening. He is also a member of the American Optometric Association, and a former