Howard Stagg

Nice to meet you. My name is Howard. I am a designer specializing in motion and interactive content. I have a passion for for creativity and definitely consider myself an ideas person. My inspiration comes from everywhere, including my dreams, which I record in a small green book by my bed. My background is in fine art. In this area I am a fast competent draughtsman as well as a skilled painter (predominantly oils). These skills help me convey ideas quickly and efficiently in any creative studio environment. As a design enthusiast I always enjoy pushing the boundaries and "thinking outside the box" (sorry for the cliché). I enjoy working with other creatives in the design process, which for me is always fun and very rewarding. My approach to design is generally hands-on with a digital medium twist. I enjoy making things with paper and card, creating stop-motion animations and using live film and then expanding these elements digitally. Currently I am living and working in Brighton, UK.