India May

Well hello, thank you for stopping by, can I offer you some tea?

Professionally I am a personable, dynamic and driven so & so who thrives within administrative support positions. I have grown and developed my skill set so that I am able to wholeheartedly enthuse to be a talented, reliable, adaptable and efficient backbone of support within my company. I am a 'people person' and interaction with colleagues at all levels is a skill I am competent in.

Personally I am a chirpy annoying morning person :o) I love Mondays! Once they are here they disappear for another 7 days!! Whats not to like!? And Friday comes twice a week (I've renamed Thursday as Friday Eve!).

I love to read old English literature, Ballet is a passion and Call of Duty on the XBox is a favourite Sunday hobby. I have been described as having the spirit of a 90 year old harboured within a 26 year old's body! I simply love to bake!