Brindie Howerton

Hello! I am an Elementary Education Major at Concordia University. I also work a local day care as a school age teacher. I love to see them grow everyday! Not only do I get to see my students grow but also myself. I have come a very long way to be graduating this coming year. The reason I feel that this a great accomplishment is because I have several learning disabilities. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADD. In elementary school my teachers never thought that I would be able to make it to high school graduation. This is the whole reason why I am going to school as a teacher, I had a bad school experience and I don't want the same to happen for other students.

I am original from Hawaii, yes and I know I left my lush paradise for a cold Nebraska. But lets just say that God has called me there. Just like God has called me to be that person who wants to go the Middle East to teach.

I am a world traveler, I have been to almost all 50 states and currently working on overseas. Which means that I also love airports! I spend so much time there that it is a great place to get done what you need to get done.

I am a very outgoing person that is not afraid to try new things. But when it comes to friends I love them, will protect them and cling to them like a koala.

  • Education
    • Concordia University Nebraska