Al Garner

Writer and author in USA

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How I became a conservative

The book shows how most people's ideas probably would have been formed if they had grown up, like the author, in the one of the most conservative areas (Orange County, Calif.), moved to one of the most liberal - New York City, served in the domestic version of the peace corps, worked in liberal social work, lived in the slums, run a home for mental patients, and rented rooms in one’s house for 25 years.

It shows how liberals, in their quest for "social justice", think those with more cheated those with less. They favor tenants over landlords, labor over management, consumers over business, minorities over whites, the young over the old [establishment], and the poor over "society," and criminals and bums over "society."

The upper and middle classes would like this book as they are tired of being portrayed as the "oppressive establishment.” The working class would like it as they are often told something's wrong with having less. The responsible poor would like it as it separates them from the irresponsible poor.

It would be useful to those at all levels in charity, teaching, law, corrections, police work, journalism, religion, and politics. It should be basic for those considering social work.